Three steps to creating consumer habits | Richard Shotton

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"Buying habits aren’t formed overnight, but they can be created through systematic application of cues, rewards and repeat behaviour", explains fellow Sherpa Richard Shotton. Here is how you can do it.

"Behavioural science provides evidence-based advice for marketers and nowhere is this truer than in the creation of habits. Therefore, if you want to successfully start customer habits, then remember three key ingredients – a cue, a variable reward and lots of repetition.

Here are three appetizing chunks from the article, to get you in the mood:  

The cue: Motivation alone is insufficient to create habitual behaviour. Habits normally need a cue: that is a time, place or mood that triggers the behaviour. 

The reward: The next step is to create a reward. Of the three steps in the habit loop, this is probably the broadest. So, let’s focus on a particularly relevant area – the power of uncertain rewards. 

The routine: Habits aren’t formed overnight. For a behaviour to become embedded you need to repeat it. A commonly quoted figure is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. But there’s little meaningful evidence for this.