“The year of getting back to…”. Ravid Kuperberg offers a road map to help you navigate through 2022

Picture for category “The year of getting back to…”. Ravid Kuperberg offers a road map to help you navigate through 2022

As we are moving closer to the end of the year, we are faced with yet another corona virus variant, but at the same time we are trying to outline our future strategies based on what we have learned during the past 2 years. 

Structured Creative Thinking Master, Ravid Kuperberg offers a road map to recovery, through creativity. Here are his tips for 2022 as featured on Sherpa Society’s whitepaper.   

"The past 2 years have proven (once again) that trying to foresee the future is useless. So here goes nothing.   

 1. Covid breakout was a traumatic period for humanity. And as such, when looking ahead we should consider if and what brands can learn from post trauma stress treatments.   One of the key issues when dealing with post trauma stress is the craving for security, instead of feeling powerless and victimized. The need to regain stability and control once again. One goal is to gradually restart activities which were avoided or denied due to trauma. So, 2022 will probably be a huge year for “getting back to…”. Back to traveling, to places, to events, to routines, to people, etc. It already started in 2021 as we can see in the following case studies. 

The key is finding insightful things to “get back to” and/or innovative ways to “get back to”. 2022 might be the year “getting back to” transforms from a sign of change into proof of change.   Many times, post trauma treatment encourages a sense of purpose through service to others. So, 2022 might be a great year for launching meaningful causes, while providing engaging roles for people to fulfill. As a means to generate powerful content, affinity, and business. Overall, performing a special role in an impactful manner helps increase a sense of confidence and wellbeing during post trauma. Offering creative roles addressing different dramas in people’s lives might provide impactful communications in 2022. This campaign for Bridge Senior Living from the US is a great example:    


2. Covid further accelerated the role of creative agencies as providers of innovative business solutions with storytelling value. 

Seeing agencies utilize their creative-tech-savvy assets and resources to find original business solutions relevant to the brand idea and values. A practical mechanism for such ideas suggests not starting your thinking by trying to invent something new. But rather by finding an existing solution/practice which is common in another category or territory and replicating it in your brand content world. Making it available in unexpected circumstances for unexpected people. For example: this futures contract applied by a… beer brand, in the effort to help farmers produce organic ingredients. 


In 2020-2021 this type of thinking was very popular. Let’s see how it does in 2022".   

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