The *1 tip by Karl Gilis and Els Aerts that will boost your online sales

Picture for category The *1 tip by Karl Gilis and Els Aerts that will boost your online sales

As we are drawing closer to the end of another year, we have asked our Sherpas to share their top tips for 2022 with you all. In the following weeks we’ll release a Whitepaper with tips, traps to avoid and insights that will help you and your business grow.   

In the meantime, here is a little appetizer for you: E-commerce experts Karl Gilis and Els Aerts, who will present our upcoming e-commerce masterclass trilogy in January, reveal what hinders and undermines online purchases and transactions. Drum roll!   

What is the top killer for online transactions in B2B and B2C? Not countering and solving your prospects’ biggest fears. Karl and Els did some research with over 800 consumers and they figured out their biggest worries and doubts when shopping online:   

- Is the product I want in stock?

- Are there any hidden costs? Shipping? Insurance?

- When will it be delivered? Will it be on time?

- What if something goes wrong? How easy is it to contact this company?

- How easy will it be to return something?  


Identify and solve specific doubts and barriers that hold back your business 

 There's often more at play than this generic set of doubts. So, what you need to do is identify the specific fears, barriers, and stress moments of your own clients. If you can proactively solve or at least counter them, more prospects will become customers and your retention rate will go up.  

Indicative Cases   

 Web shop: counterfeit or authentic? 

 A Romanian omnichannel sportswear store asked Karl and Els to find out why people did not buy. They did their research and discovered that the main reason for this hesitation was that customers were afraid of counterfeit goods. Once they knew this, they could use specific trust builders to counter that fear. The result was a big uplift in sales.   

Software: you will not lose your work when you upgrade 

 For a Dutch software company with a plug-in running on millions of websites, the duo researched why people hesitated to upgrade to the   premium version. They found out people were afraid of losing all the work they had done while using the free version. They were able to take away that fear by adding one explanatory sentence on sales pages and in campaigns and this resulted in a big boost.   

In a nutshell 

Make sure you know the stress moments and doubts of your customers. And solve them.    

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