Teresa Heath-Wareing: Why do you need a community of fans and how can you build it

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You nurture your idea, you build your brand, you develop your product, but what good is all that without the people? Our Sherpa and International Social Media and Marketing Trainer, Teresa Heath-Wareing explains why building a community of fans is equally important to building your brand per se.  

In her podcast entitled “How to build a community of fans for your business” Teresa Heath-Wareing offers tips to help you start bringing your community together or -if you’ve already done so- make it more successful, popular and fruitful.  

Some key takeaways

To whet your appetite before the podcast, here are a few tips and highlights that Teresa chooses to share with her audience.  

• Be authentic – Be yourself. The way you are online should be the same as how you are in real life. You can’t be anyone else. 

• Not everyone is going to like you and that is OK! 

• By being authentic you will attract the right people for you. 

• Be inclusive – everyone is welcome. Be proactive about showing this. 

• Be consistent – people need to know you are there. Inconsistency can put doubt in your community’s mind. 

• Earn trust – if someone is going to invest time and energy into you, they need to trust you. To earn trust, you need to show up in your community. • Don’t let people down – if you say you are going to do something, you need to make sure you do it. 

• Add value to your community – you are going to have to give away some information/support for free. 

• Give your community a reason to engage. 

• Listen to what your community has to say and ask lots of questions. 

• When you have an audience – do things to delight them! Make them feel special and make it exclusive. 

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