Ravid Kuperberg

Structured Creative Thinking Master
  • Partner at Mindscapes working with agencies and brands in 35+ markets
  • Frequent speaker at advertising & marketing conferences, including Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity
  • 42 Cannes Lions, including 3 Grand Prix, won by Mindscapes trained agencies & brands

About Ravid Kuperberg

Ravid is an acknowledged structured creative thinking expert and trainer in the field of brand communications. Working with numerous global and local advertising agencies and brands across the world.

He is a classic “not knowing what you want to be when you grow up” cliche with 14 years of experience at a variety of agency roles in both strategic planning and creative development. Helping him attain a unique perspective of creative thinking.

In a nutshell… Ravid helps thinkers boost their inborn creative thinking skills, helps teams structure a more efficient creative thinking process, and constantly proves that storming is not the optimal way to use brains when aspiring for innovation.

Ravid is a frequent speaker at advertising festivals and marketing conferences, including Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, the Loeries, Epica, CIAF and more. He has published articles in leading industry publications and platforms such as Campaign, AdForum and more.

Turning Collected Data into a Creative Drama: how to fuel creativity/storytelling with data

Data is only as powerful as the outcome it helps deliver and the story it helps inspire.

So… how can we transform data into relevant, creative, engaging storytelling? How can data help deliver concrete value, in innovative engaging ways, as part of brand communications?

And how can we identify new data collection/analysis opportunities relevant to brand communications?

This session provides answers to such questions in the form of structured creative thinking tools. Tools which can help transform insightful data input into original brand communication outputs.

Decoding Innovation: how to inspire innovation in brand communications using the combined power of creative and inventive thinking

This session will examine the most innovative award-winning campaigns from recent years, which provided unprecedented new experiences, solutions, and storytelling while utilizing creative + inventive thinking.

It will then translate thinking patterns embedded in them into practical thinking tools which inspire new original innovative ideas of such magnitude. Including new product development ideas within the realm of brand communications.

Creating Great Ideas with Great Impact and a NOT Great Budget

Quite often, barriers and limitations force us to consider unconventional creative thinking. Resulting in small, smart ideas which are based on exceptional disruptive creativity rather than exceptional production values or hefty financial investment. Ideas, which identify unique observations, utilize potent digital/social media opportunities, incorporate savvy creative bravery, generate unpaid earned media and light up brandversations.

This session will explore creative thinking tools geared to produce such ideas. They can be implemented in times of uncertainty and financial adversity but…can and should be relevant at all times.

Turning creative e-commerce into effective brand communications

E-commerce has long surpassed the boundaries of commerce in regard to the role it performs for brands. It has a become a powerful source of digital creativity in brand communications.

This session will discuss how to address e-commerce from the prism of brand communications, and how to apply structured creative thinking to do so in a proficient manner.

It will decode award-winning ideas utilizing e-commerce at the heart of the creative thinking and will provide practical guidance on how to add e-commerce items to your brand communications cart.