Ferdinand Goetzen

Growth Strategist
Picture of Ferdinand Goetzen
  • Named "Best Marketer of the Year under 30" at the Dutch Marketing Awards
  • Ferdinand is a regular speaker at global  marketing events
  • He has successfully led growth at various breakout companies.

About Ferdinand Goetzen

Ferdinand is an Amsterdam-based marketing & growth strategist helping b2b tech companies scale their business long-term. He is currently the Co-founder & CEO of Reveall, whereas up until recently he was the Director of Marketing & Growth at 3D Hubs, a manufacturing marketplace that he helped lead to a $330m acquisition, the biggest in the history of its industry.

He is a regular speaker at global marketing events and has been featured as a guest on several leading podcasts. He also occasionally shares content and insights related to his work. In 2020 he won the award for "Best Marketer of the Year under 30" at the Dutch Marketing Awards.

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