How to deal with "the great resignation" - Bryan Adams' advice for employers looking for loyal talent

Picture for category How to deal with "the great resignation" - Bryan Adams' advice for employers looking for loyal talent

"Companies with an outdated employer brand are accelerating their lack of relevance and appeal, resulting in a loss of once loyal team members and an inability to attract new hires who can fill their shoes."

Employer Brand Leader and fellow Sherpa, Bryan Adams has recently penned an article about the wave of resignations washing over the American job market.  

Adams has cited recent research findings which show that "more than half of all employees in North America plan to look for a new job in 2021, while a quarter plan to quit their jobs outright. On top of that, since the start of the pandemic, 46% of employees feel less connected to their company, 42% say company culture has diminished and just 21% say they are very engaged at work. [...]  Clearly, something needs to change – and fast."

The Great Resignation

Asked about what companies can do about "the great resignation" Adams says:

"There are plenty of new and exciting opportunities available to high calibre talent, which means good companies are losing good people. 

Equally, though, many organizations have been put on the back foot by failing to adapt, update and implement compelling employer brands. For some industries, it’s the difference between thriving and surviving. 

The stats don’t lie

86% of jobseekers say they research company reviews and ratings before deciding on where to apply, while 1 in 2 candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation – even for a pay rise. 

Adapting to change quickly is no longer good enough. To come out on top, organizations need to anticipate change and market their employer brand ahead of their competitors. This will ensure your company is seen as a place to find purpose, impact and belonging. 

Now is the time

In a world where brand and reputation are more important than ever before, now is the time to tell a compelling story, discover your differentiation and be seen as the most relevant and attractive place for top talent."

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