Els Aerts

the Queen of User Research
  • Els is an international keynote speaker on user research and customer-centricity
  • She’s been asked to speak at dozens of conferences worldwide
  • Where she’s announced as “the Queen of User research”

About Els Aerts

As the co-founder of AGConsult, a Belgium-based usability and conversion optimization company, Els has been creating better online experiences based on user research since 2001.

She’s an advocate for qualitative user research and moderated user testing in particular. She loves helping companies to understand their customers better. Because a happy customer is a returning customer.

Els has moderated over 3.500 user tests for companies such as AtlasCopco, Orange, Daikin and Bridgestone.

Optimize Surveys


How to make surveys work for you 🎯

Most surveys suck. But they don’t have to. The right timing, wording and tone of voice of your question can make all the difference.

In this workshop, Els helps you master the key element of getting surveys right.

User Testing


In this masterclass you will learn, among many others, how to:

•Know when to use which user testing method.
•Recruit the right participants to maximize insights.
•Create a test scenario that gets you the answers you’re looking for.
•Document and analyze the results so you can make the most of your findings.