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How to Succeed on TikTok | Tom Sweeney
TikTok has changed the Social Game. And it has the power to drive the whole customer journey. From Awareness and Engagement to Consideration and Conversion. That said, “we must learn to walk before we can run”. So, what are the key steps a brand should take before entering TikTok? Here is what Tom Sweeney, the Head of Creative Strategy at Fanbytes, replied during Sherpa Society's recent exclusive masterclass titled "A Deep Dive into TikTok".
Is Influencer Marketing a big scary animal? Not really, and Emma Wills tells you why.
For many practitioners and clients influencer marketing looks like a big scary animal and it probably is sometimes. But what if it’s done right, by the right people? Fellow Sherpa Emma Wills, an Influencer Marketing Strategist, shares her own experience from the field and shows how Influencer Marketing can truly impact your business and create value for your audience.
Teresa Heath-Wareing: Why do you need a community of fans and how can you build it
Building a community of fans is equally important to building your brand per se. International Social Media & Marketing Trainer and fellow Sherpa, Teresa Heath-Wareing explains why and offers tips to help you start bringing your community together or -if you’ve already done so- make it more successful, popular and fruitful.