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Say "yes" to Influencer Marketing and make the best of it with these valuable tips by Emma Wills
"If you aren’t already using influencers as part of your marketing remit, then 2022 is the year to re-think. By taking a long-term view of influencer marketing and working with the right talent, you can build genuine brand advocacy through idea-driven, creative content that communicates the unique perspectives of brands and influencers alike." It's not us who say this. It's our fellow Sherpa Emma Wills who lives and breathes Influencer Marketing and has been consulting major brands on their influencer strategy. A few weeks ago, Emma took the time to write an article exclusively for Sherpa Society. An excerpt was featured on our 2022 Whitepaper, so it may look familiar to those of you who have read it. Today we are sharing it with you in its entirety. So, according to Emma, here are some key things to consider in your influencer marketing efforts this year:
Is Influencer Marketing a big scary animal? Not really, and Emma Wills tells you why.
For many practitioners and clients influencer marketing looks like a big scary animal and it probably is sometimes. But what if it’s done right, by the right people? Fellow Sherpa Emma Wills, an Influencer Marketing Strategist, shares her own experience from the field and shows how Influencer Marketing can truly impact your business and create value for your audience.