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AB Testing Do's & Don'ts for your eCommerce Store
The ideal website doesn't exist. In case you were looking for it, we are sorry to disappoint you but there's no toolbox for the perfect landing page or form or product page. But "isn't UX just about guidelines & best practices?", you might wonder. According to Karl Gilis & Els Aerts who hosted Sherpa Society's masterclass entitled "AB Testing & Optimization for eCommerce", the answer is "yes and no". Here is why:
The *1 tip by Karl Gilis and Els Aerts that will boost your online sales
As we are drawing closer to the end of another year, we have asked our Sherpas to share their top tips for 2022 with you all. In the following weeks we’ll release a Whitepaper with tips, traps to avoid and insights that will help you and your business grow. In the meantime, here is a little appetizer for you: E-commerce experts Karl Gillis and Els Aerts, who will present our upcoming e-commerce masterclass trilogy in January, reveal what hinders and undermines online purchases and transactions. Drum roll!