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“The year of getting back to…”. Ravid Kuperberg offers a road map to help you navigate through 2022
As we are moving closer to end of the year, we are faced with yet another corona virus variant, but at the same time we are trying to outline our future strategies based on what we have learned during the past 2 years. Structured Creative Thinking Master, Ravid Kuperberg offers a road map to recovery, through creativity. Here are his tips for 2022, as featured on Sherpa Society’s whitepaper.
Hey! Want to make Advertising that stands out? Yonathan Dominitz is here to make it easier for you.
How disruptive is your Advertising? What do you do to stand out? When it comes to selling our brand -or our client’s work for that matter- we tend to shy out and play it safe. Thankfully, creativity is a lush garden and once you decide to go bold, the possibilities are endless and not as risky as you may think. Fellow Sherpa and Structured Creative Thinking Leader Yonathan Dominitz is here to share some tips with you and gently push you to a more disruptive way of thinking.