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How brands must behave in the post-purpose era | Thomas Kolster
"People are turning their back on preachy, too-good-to-be-true purpose statements from brands", points out Thomas Kolster, a marketing activist and one of the most authoritative thinkers on Marketing for good. So, what is the best way forward for brands?
Purpose, simply too good to be true? Mr. Goodvertising, Thomas Kolster sheds light on brand purpose
Is Brand Purpose too good to be true or do brands really have the potential to bring on change? If there is one person who can answer this question with precision, that would be Thomas Kolster, aka Mr. Goodvertising. Thomas has spent a great deal of his career helping various brands come up with sustainable strategies and find their purpose. He recently wrote this article, offering insights on how brands can avoid the pitfalls of purpose-led strategies and lead the way to change.