Blog posts of '2022' 'April'

What is GA4? A road map to the next generation of Google Analytics | Jill Quick
We are super happy to announce that a new Sherpa has joined our fellowship: Jill Quick. Jill is an Analytics Consultant and Trainer with more than 10 years of experience in Google Analytics. She helps brands get the most out of their measurement strategy through training, reviews and audits, to troubleshooting and consulting. She has completed more than 200 audits and measurement plans and she is a regular speaker at conferences and training sessions around the world. As a first treat, she would like to share with you an article she recently wrote about GA4. In this long but eye-opening read, Jill offers a road map to the next generation of Google Analytics.
Three fresh ideas to get your creative mind going | Ravid Kuperberg
This morning, fellow Sherpa Ravid Kuperberg took the virtual stage at e-Commerce Conference, Greece’s top e-Commerce event, to talk about what he knows best: branding and storytelling. If you didn’t attend that event, Ravid still has a treat for you: Here are three wonderful ideas that caught his eye in the previous weeks. “These ideas start with the same thinking action: finding an observation of a unique yet common behavior relevant to the offering in the ad. Unique - because it is associated to a specific territory/situation and yet to gain sufficient public attention. Common - because everyone is familiar with it and can comprehend it immediately. So, here are the case study videos!