Blog posts of '2022' 'February'

Three steps to creating consumer habits | Richard Shotton
"Buying habits aren’t formed overnight, but they can be created through systematic application of cues, rewards and repeat behaviour", explains fellow Sherpa Richard Shotton. Here is how you can do it.
"How to Build Your Email List with Your Best Prospects" | Teresa Heath-Wareing
What’s the key to sending emails that get opened and convert to leads and sales? Which is the right email marketing system for your business? It may seem like a hard puzzle to solve, but the experts are here to lend a helping hand! Namely, Teresa Heath-Wareing, an award-winning international speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster, and business owner who recently joined the "Agents of Change" podcast to discuss all things Email Marketing. Here are some of the highlights:
Say "yes" to Influencer Marketing and make the best of it with these valuable tips by Emma Wills
"If you aren’t already using influencers as part of your marketing remit, then 2022 is the year to re-think. By taking a long-term view of influencer marketing and working with the right talent, you can build genuine brand advocacy through idea-driven, creative content that communicates the unique perspectives of brands and influencers alike." It's not us who say this. It's our fellow Sherpa Emma Wills who lives and breathes Influencer Marketing and has been consulting major brands on their influencer strategy. A few weeks ago, Emma took the time to write an article exclusively for Sherpa Society. An excerpt was featured on our 2022 Whitepaper, so it may look familiar to those of you who have read it. Today we are sharing it with you in its entirety. So, according to Emma, here are some key things to consider in your influencer marketing efforts this year:
Unleash Your Primal Brain to Be a Better Leader with Tim Ash
Fellow Sherpa Tim Ash recently discussed with Dr. Katrina Burrus how professionals can capitalize on evolutionary psychology in order to become more effective at work and evolve as leaders.
AB Testing Do's & Don'ts for your eCommerce Store
The ideal website doesn't exist. In case you were looking for it, we are sorry to disappoint you but there's no toolbox for the perfect landing page or form or product page. But "isn't UX just about guidelines & best practices?", you might wonder. According to Karl Gilis & Els Aerts who hosted Sherpa Society's masterclass entitled "AB Testing & Optimization for eCommerce", the answer is "yes and no". Here is why: