Blog posts of '2022' 'January'

Bryan Adams: Five Things Business Leaders Can Do To Create A Fantastic Work Culture
According to a study conducted in the US by Forbes, more than half of all American employees are unhappy at work. And as employers in many international markets struggle with the massive exodus dubbed “The Great Resignation”, the importance of employer branding seems greater than ever. In an interview for Authority Magazine, fellow Sherpa Bryan Adams shared five things employers can do to create a fantastic work culture that will keep people happier.
How to make things easier for your customers: Richard Shotton explains why friction is your enemy
As we have mentioned before -and we’ll definitely do so again in the future- much of the success you are looking for in your online business lies in consumer psychology and behaviour. Behavioural scientist and fellow Sherpa, Richard Shotton shares a valuable tip to help you confront a major enemy: friction. Shotton argues that if people try to make things as easy as possible for their customers, they will see great improvement in their business in terms of conversions and satisfaction. To back this argument, he talks about an experiment which was carried out in the education sector but can be easily applied in Marketing. Here is the full article, as featured in Sherpa Society’s White Paper:
Jon Burkhart: "Create content that has natural momentum"
As one of the most captivating speakers and marketers out there, Jon Burkhart is passionate about equally captivating content. A few weeks ago, he gave an interview to Greece's top trade publication, Marketing Week, (text in Greek only) offering marketers a handfull of insights regarding the creation of branded content and branded experiences that stick with the audience. Here is what he had to say.