Blog posts of '2021' 'December'

“The year of getting back to…”. Ravid Kuperberg offers a road map to help you navigate through 2022
As we are moving closer to end of the year, we are faced with yet another corona virus variant, but at the same time we are trying to outline our future strategies based on what we have learned during the past 2 years. Structured Creative Thinking Master, Ravid Kuperberg offers a road map to recovery, through creativity. Here are his tips for 2022, as featured on Sherpa Society’s whitepaper.
Leading PPC expert Samantha Noble tells you how to prepare for the cookie-less environment
Lately there has been a lot of talk about the upcoming cookie-less advertising environment. Marketers are preparing for one of the most radical changes in the history of digital and consultants scramble to help them with actionable advice. We asked fellow Sherpa Samantha Noble, to offer her best tip for the "cookie-less" 2022. Samantha is a Leading PPC expert with long experience in paid media. She describes paid media as her true passion. "From managing campaigns day to day, to training in-house or agency teams or speaking on stage and sharing her knowledge on the latest paid media strategies". In 2016 she left agency life behind and started Biddable Moments, a Paid Media Consultancy agency dedicated to helping brands and agencies increase their revenue through PPC and Paid Social advertising. So, here is what she would like you to know about the year to come in PPC.
Welcome aboard Tim Ash! Another extraordinary expert joins our band of Sherpas and offers his valuable tips for 2022.
We are happy to announce that another great specialist has joined our band of Sherpas. The amazing Tim Ash, Digital Marketing and Evolutionary Psychology expert, is now a member of our network and he is ready to share his knowledge with you, upon request! Just a few days ago, we asked Tim to offer us a tip to help you grow your business in 2022. Find out what he has to say...