Alex Khan

Social Media Coach
  • Top-rated keynote speaker in San Francisco, Hollywood, New York, Bucharest, Athens, Toronto & Moscow
  • Over 100 successfully executed consultancy projects
  • Founder of Attractive Media, Facebook's preferred agency and marketing partner

About Alex Khan

Alex Khan is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and, with 15 years of experience, one of the first social media experts in Germany . He is also the managing director of the social media agency Attractive Media .

His last company sold over 150,000 products using social media in the first two years. His focus is on creating a uniform digital strategy to increase sales and meet key objectives.

More than 350,000 people follow Alex Khan on his social channels, and he is a lecturer at Macromedia University Munich for online marketing, digital branding & social media.

Digital Strategy

Learn how to...

... Analyze the needs of your customers

... Spy on your competitors

... Create daily great content fast

... Work with the right influencer

... Distribute & optimize highly converting ads

Video Content Creation

Learn how to...

... become a master in content creation

... captivate your audience with Live Video

... take advantage of the best free tools available


Instagram Marketing Hacks
- Different kinds of content and when to use it.
- Influencer marketing as a new way of gaining trust and driving sales.
- Why is someone following you and how to keep him as a follower?
- From Zero to Hero: the customer’s journey on instagram.

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